Close network of colleagues

The members of our network are there to help each other and can draw on each other’s knowledge and experience. On this website you can find our members with their language combinations and their specialties.

At our meetings, members can discuss and exchange ideas with each other in a friendly, informal setting. Our members are of various different nationalities and have wide-ranging backgrounds. They include freelancers and also translators and interpreters working for public and private-sector employers and translation agencies.

Expanding our knowledge

The various speakers at our meetings talk on a wide range of subjects relating to translating and interpreting. We also organise activities, either on our own or with other groups, focusing on specific issues of interest to our profession. Discussions at the individual language section meetings have included reference books, terminology, computer equipment, useful software, internet sites and a wide range of tips from day-to-day practice. Members can also consult each other via the various discussion forums on this website.


Although developing contacts for potential assignments is not normally the primary reason for joining SVVT, members looking to pass on work generally prefer to look within our own network first.

PE points

Many of our members are sworn translators and/or interpreters and have an interest in obtaining PE points. We apply for PE points for every general meeting and every section meeting.

More information?

You’re welcome to attend our meetings as a guest before deciding whether to join. Please contact our secretary if you have any further questions or if you want to join us for a meeting.