The SVVT is a network of women translators and interpreters who support and encourage each other in their professional development. Members are highly educated translators and/or interpreters in a number of language combinations and specializations with many years of practical experience.

Some members have been part of the network since the start of the SVVT in the1980s. Although the make-up of the network has changed over the years, our objective continues to be to support and encourage women in their professional careers. Our guiding principle is that everyone should contribute to and benefit from the network. Our members’ knowledge and experience is a reservoir that we can all draw on, but to which we should also all contribute. In order to make sure that members’ contributions are of equal value, we have certain entry requirements (see Membership Rules).

If you are looking for a translator or interpreter, you can be assured of our members’ quality and professionalism. Here, you can find an appropriate translator or interpreter for your assignment.